TAP stands for Taiwanese American…. PARENTS??!!!

That’s right! TAP-Atlanta has un-officially launched the first ever Taiwanese American Parents event with a picnic. It was a beautiful day filled with games, food, and the sweet sweet cries of babies.


  1. Invite your normal crowd and allow them to bring pets and children
  2. Bring supplies for a fun picnic:
    1. Food & alcohol (if legal)
    2. a baseball and bat
    3. a football
    4. a frisbee
    5. two gazebo tents
  3. Lay the fun sports items outside of the tents
  4. Prepare for a magical picnic


When your picnic starts, people with babies will arrive on time and fill up the tents with their strollers, blankets, infant carriers, diaper bags, and camera gear. Baby-lovers will gather around the parents in the tents to “coo” and “ah” at the babies and beg for the opportunity to hold those adorable bundles of joy.  #instantentertainment

Repelled by the sweet smell of diapers and adorable baby cries, all baby-less free-folk (who probably showed up a little later) will stay outside of the tents, so there is no competition for space under the tents.  At this time, fun, organized sports will be waiting outside the tents to occupy those baby-less free-folk.  Word of caution: when competing in a sporting event, expect parents of babies to disappear for some diaper duty in the middle of your game – or be ordered by the other parent to clean/feed/hold the baby… #complainingspouse #parentalduties #imnotcomplaining

My suggestion: bring a second football for the parents to throw around when they have 5 minutes to spare to re-live their pre-baby life. #only5minutes

Finally, in 2 hours, the picnic will be baby-free as baby crankiness and parental fatigue set in, forcing parents to vacate the tents to attend to Nap Time.  At this time, the picnic goers (without babies) who have been playing sports and enjoying their time under the sun can return to the tent to bust out more alcohol, crank up the music, enjoy the shade and keep the party going. #partyalldaywithoutababy

So what are you waiting for? Get pregnant and get your TA Parents event started 9 months from today!  #thatswhatidid