Leadership Identity Development (LID)

Based out of Southern California, LID Camp is a youth program for leadership, identity and development. We train our campers to be future leaders for their communities.

Over the course of a week, campers from middle school to high school will engage in cultural and team building workshops that encourage self development and celebration of their Taiwanese American identity.

For more information, check out LID’s website!

Leading Youth Forward (LYF)

For over 30 years, Leading Youth Forward (LYF camp), formerly known as Taiwanese American Youth Leadership, has been inspiring kids in the San Francisco Bay Area to do great things and accomplish their dreams.

LYF’s mission is to foster awareness of Taiwanese American identity, culture and values while empowering the youth to become effective and proactive leaders in the community.Our primary objectives are to deepen the campers’ understanding of their unique cultural heritage, to cultivate their leadership and communication skills, and to connect them with other Taiwanese Americans.

In the past, the camp has featured team-building workshops, leadership exercises, Taiwanese language and history lessons, and traditional delicacies. College students and young professionals serve as counselors for the youth. Since the 1980’s, the camp has drawn an average of 75 participants annually.

LYF members are proactive citizens who effectively give back to their respective communities and freely share their Taiwanese heritage with others, thus contributing to the rich multicultural fabric of American society.

For more information, check out LYF’s website!

Junior Taiwanese-American Student Association (JTASA)

By providing and fostering volunteer opportunities and a sense of community service within high school members, JTASA also aims to increase awareness of Taiwanese culture and help students identify with their Taiwanese heritage while helping students establish connections and networks with college and adult organizations at an earlier stage.

JTASA is a high school based organization that exists to unify, connect, and strengthen the Taiwanese-American community by providing opportunities and training for high school students to become future leaders.