Earlier this month, 38 representatives from LID Camp, LYF Camp, PIP, TAP chapters and TACL National traveled to Taiwan as part of the first-ever TACL National Delegation by invitation of the Overseas Community Affairs Council of the Taiwan Government.

During the 6-day trip, the Delegation participated in formal workshops and lectures centered on Taiwan-US relations and trade and met with various government agencies and officials.  In fact, we went to the Presidential Office Building to meet with Vice President Chien-Jen Chen and OCAC Vice Minister Roy Leu, where we shared TACL’s mission and highlighted how TACL’s various programs are serving Taiwanese Americans and promoting Taiwan and Taiwanese culture in the United States.

In addition to the formal government meetings, we had a lot of fun exploring Taiwan and Taiwanese culture: taking part in the Taipei Dragon Boat Festival; visiting Dadaocheng Wharf, Taipei 101, Cloud Gate Theater; and, dragging our jet-lagged selves out of bed on a bright and early visit to Taipei’s first wholesale fish and produce market at 3:00 AM in the morning. We also took a day trip to Yilan where we visited the National Center for Traditional Arts and the super exciting Kavalan distillery!!!

Another cool part of the trip was attending the Taiwan government-led tech incubator, where we met with several start-up founders to learn about the tech/start-up scene in Taiwan and attending the Computex Expo, Taiwan’s CES.

Through this trip, I gained a deeper appreciation of the wonderful things Taiwan has to offer and also got a better understanding of the challenges facing Taiwan. I came back to the states with Taiwan closer to my heart, and I am ever more determined and committed to continue the work we are doing to enhance the lives of Taiwanese Americans everywhere!

Many thanks to the OCAC for sponsoring our trip, to TACL National for gathering the troops and to all members of the Delegation who took time off and joined me on this super fun, educational and meaningful excursion.  #lifeta

*Added Comment: TACL National would like to thank JC Chang for all his hard work helping with the planning of this trip!!


  • Erica Brozovsky, TAP-Austin
  • Alice Chang, TAP-SD
  • Alice Chang, TAP-SF
  • Eric Chang, TAP-Seattle
  • JC Chang, TAP-LA
  • Justin Chang, TAP-ATX
  • Albert Chen, TAP-SF
  • Jerome Chen, TAP-Seattle
  • Eric Ching, TAP-SD
  • David Fang, TAP-Atlanta
  • Gloria Hou, TAP-LA
  • Sharon Hsu, TAP-ATX
  • Annie Huang, LYF Camp
  • Pamela Hung, TACL National
  • Oliver Jan, TAP-Atlanta
  • Joyce Jeng, TAP-Seattle
  • Roger Ku, TAP-SD
  • Louis Lau, TAP-SD
  • Wilson Lau, TAP-SD
  • James Lee, LID Camp
  • William Liao, LID Camp
  • Carlene Liu, TAP-Seattle
  • Vivian Liu, TAP-SF
  • Jennifer Nguyen, TAP-NY
  • Chun-Che Peng, TAP-SD
  • Julie Shen, TAP-NY
  • Jeffrey Shieh, PIP/TACL National
  • Alex Shih, TAP-NY
  • Chyi-Shin Shu, TAP-Boston
  • Benjamin Shyong, TAP-SF
  • Vincent Su, TAP-LA
  • Stephanie Sung, TAP-SF
  • Wellington Tzou, TACL National
  • Ben Watkins, TAP-NY
  • Jeffrey Wei, TAP-Seattle
  • Tiffany Yang, TAP-LA
  • Jessica Young, TAP-SD
  • Jeffrey Yuan, TAP-SD