Draw a Bug!In January 2016, TAP-Atlanta invited the TACL family to the deep south for our semi-annual convention to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend and to DREAM BIG, their theme for the weekend.To highlight our weekend of learning and fun, here are some pictures to help us recap:

1. LEADERSHIP: We learned that to be a good leader, it is important to define a clear vision & mission for your team so that we can work better towards a well-communicated common goal. We explored how to set a vision and mission for each of our chapters and camps and communicate it clearly, concisely and impactfully. #abugslife

2. NETWORKING – OUR TACL FAMILY: To encourage board members to bond and strengthen our TACL family and connection, each Chapter/Camp creatively brainstormed potential events for one-another; gifted one another with belated thoughtful Secret Santa gifts; and the TACL National Board bravely took part in a game of TA-ssassination to encourage everyone to come chat with us.

TACL Gift Exchange Thoughtful gifts from Secret Santa chapter/camps made for a warm, loving and laughter-filled gift exchange #taclfamily
Creative brainstorming from each chapter/camp led to out-of-the-box ideas for partner chapters/camps – an interesting outlook on events to come #wearecreative #lifeta
Sorry, George Which TACL National Board member is worst at refraining from saying disallowed buzz words? Technology Director, George Liao took home that crown! #sorrygeorge #weloveyougeorge


TACL at Georgia Aquarium3. BE CITIZENS OF THE COMMUNITY: We heard a heart-felt and inspirational recount from guest speaker, Judy Dominick, who struggled and continues to struggle with her Taiwanese American identity and encouraged us to speak out for less fortunate people – whether they are Taiwanese American, Asian American or just less fortunate minorities. We need to speak out against unfair “model minority” stereotypes, but also, as we build a strong community, have a loud voice and speak for all minorities.

4. IDENTITY – TA CULTURE: On top of the delicious Taiwanese breakfast and lunch boxes we consumed too quickly, a Convention is never complete without a night of singing / dancing / shouting and more “singing” at a local karaoke (videos could not be posted due to respect for reader’s eardrums).

5. EXPLORE ATLANTA: Lastly, we explored our host city with fervor as we held classes at Georgia Tech, toured the Georgia Aquarium, ate a lot of Chick-Fil-A and Waffle House, and checked out where President Snow made his big announcement in the Hunger Games. #beautifulcity #coolfish

A big thank-you to TAP-Atlanta for being gracious and amazing hosts! We look forward to seeing everyone again in Boston in September for our Fall 2016 TACL Convention. #lifeta #taclfamily

If you attended the convention and would like to take a survey to help us continue to improve on our conventions, please fill out our survey here. Thank you!