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2013 Spring Conference at the University of Austin, Texas

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Introducing the Taiwanese American Citizens League Leadership Conference

Project Management

Meeting Management

People Management


The TACL Leadership Conference aims to allow Taiwanese American leaders be even more effective in executing their individual organizations’ visions by focusing on four core skills:

1. Project management
2. Meeting management
3. People management
4. Communication and public speaking

By congregating Taiwanese Americans with a proven track record of service and leadership in the Taiwanese American community, the TACL Leadership Conference hopes to enhance their skill sets to be more effective and use this training platform to transform the Taiwanese American community.

"The TACL Leadership conference teaches skills that help beyond the professional life; in additional to helping me be a better Internal VP, it help me plan wedding and social events more efficiently."

— Andrew Chen, TAP-SF Internal Vice President

"TACL's curriculum helped reinforce my knowledge of leadership and gave me concrete methods of applying these skills to my organizations and even to every day life."

— Mendel Lin, UC Davis School of Law

"It was inspiring to see a new generation of Taiwanese American leaders who are fortunate to have the best tools and frameworks for success effectively packaged in the TACL conference, but also still have much to teach the community in general."

— Jon Lee, FAPA-SF President

"What surprised me most about the TACL Leadership Conference was the depth of its curriculum. Within 3 short days, the counselors hammered out many concrete, practical leadership skills for running any type of organization."

— Cindy Lin, UC Berkeley

"The TACL Leadership Conference takes living a purpose driven life to the extreme! It resets the framework of the situation in order to relate it back to the vision before jumping simply to the solution."

— Julie Chao, TAP-LA President

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