I love hearing my mom’s stories about her childhood in Taiwan: buying “ba bu” candy from the man on the tricycle, getting that ugly haircut that was required of all teenage girls in school, sneaking out to dance parties to meet boys because gatherings of any sort was illegal back in the days.  These treasures of Taiwanese culture are only passed down through oral tradition and would be lost if not for parents who love to share.  Nowadays though, we have something better to help us curate stories: the Internet.

In May, Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF) launched “Our Taiwanese American Story,” which collects and archives stories of Taiwanese Americans to preserve a collective history and to foster intergenerational and intercultural communication. Check out some stories and submit your own! Our TA Story is currently seeking – but is not limited to – stories from members of the Taiwanese diaspora who lived in Taiwan before 1987 and immigrated to America.