Chapter Update: TAP-NY Olympics – A Rio Analysis

By: Alex Shih, TAP-NY President

On a cool summer day in August, TAP-NY held one of our biggest events of the year – the annual TAP Olympics.

The event pitted teams of four (each team had to have at least one woman) against each other in games testing strength, mental fortitude, and teamwork.

After weeks of preparation, the event went off without a hitch, and we built our community and created new bonds through fun. Special shout out to TAP-NY board members Agnes Chiao, Jessica Chen, Jessica Yeung, and Ben Watkins for working to plan and volunteer for this event!

What made the event such a success? Let’s take a look, and draw some parallels to this summer’s Rio Olympic Games while we’re at it!

1. Attention to detail

No green water here! The team working on the event made sure to think through every aspect of the way the event would be run, and it paid off in a nearly perfectly executed day.


2. Keeping everyone in the know

Just like the synchronized swimmers in Rio, each board member working on the event knew what was going on leading up to it, making things run seamlessly day-of.


3. Relentless innovation and creativity

Just like Ryan Lochte’s story of being held up in Rio, the team working on the event used their imagination to come up with some great games for our Olympians to compete it.


4. Clear communication

No dropping the baton! Great care was taken in drafting emails and instructions to volunteers, board members, and event attendees (Olympians).


5. Emphasis on having fun

Like Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash, the focus of the event was on having fun – and it showed through the wackiness of some of our games, the attitudes we encouraged, and the laughs we shared together.


6. Followed city regulations

No doping or cheating allowed! The TAP-NY team wanted to have this event in the iconic Central Park, and we knew we needed a permit to do so. The team applied for one months in advance in anticipation.

7. Created tension and (friendly) competition

It might not have been worthy of a Michael Phelps death gaze, but events like a 40 person egg toss created plenty of nail biting action.


8. Opportunities for bonding and making memories

Our teams might not have been the Final Five, but there were plenty of opportunities to get close with each other, and for members to develop strong friendships.


9. Fun prizes

Just like in Rio, our winners received medals to take home with them, no doubt they’ll keep them forever.


10. Nobody got hurt

We didn’t have lifeguards at the event, but luckily, nobody got hurt during the day.


As we look forward to next year’s TAP Olympics, we’ll be sure to take this year’s learnings and hope for an even bigger and better event next year.

You can check out more photos from the event here, and feel free to email any TAP-NY board member for more info on the games and activities we used!