Every March, SXSW takes over downtown Austin with one of the largest music festivals to showcase music from various genres and countries. SXSW hosted an official “Taiwan Beats” night, where we got to listen to the entire lineup from Taiwan. To increase exposure for these artists, TAP-Austin hosted a separate day-show, TAP JAM. Here are the 6 ways TAP-Austin jammed @SXSW with TAP JAM.

1. Prior to our showcase, we volunteered as translators for the press release and snapped pictures with the important folks of SXSW Taiwan Beats.


2. Our Internal VP, Sam, was interviewed by TTV news, where he compared the music of Queen Suitcase to falling in love for the first time – “酸酸甜甜“, or “bittersweet”.


3. We wanted to help showcase Taiwanese and Asian artists at TAP JAM, so we invited out Queen Suitcase and Trash from Taiwan, and Guten Birds and Bobby Choi from Korea.





4. We hosted a kickass concert at an amazing LGBTQ venue – Cheer up Charlie


5. We hung out with some of the coolest people we have met thus far in life, and found out we have a lot in common: In-and-Out, Karaoke, and just plain being awesome.


6. Be sure to come to Austin next year for SXSW and TAP JAM!