TAP-ATX hosted its first ever Night Market event at the Asian American Resource Center (AARC) on August 20, 2016. Despite the rainy weather, the turnout was amazing with approximately 1500 people showing up to the event. It was a night to remember with plenty to do and people to meet!


Didn’t make it? Don’t worry, here are 6 highlights for you to live vicariously through!

What’s a night market without awesome food?

… and nostalgic night market games?

… meaning Night Market is kid friendly!

(aren’t these kids just ADORABLE?)

We also had awesome local vendors selling their merchandise.

… and performances by some pretty cool local artists and groups!

And if you had enough winning some of those game stamps, don’t forget to claim some of those prizes!


With our first Night Market down in the books, be sure to follow us at TAP-ATX and make it out to the next one!